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This is the homepage og UMT-QVT, an open source initiative to support model driven development and the model driven architecture (MDA(tm)) from OMG.

UMT-QVT is a tool for model transformation and code generation of UML/XMI models. UMT-QVT provides an environment in which new generators can be plugged in. The tool environment is implemented in Java. Generators are implemented in either XSLT or Java.

October 2005: An updated version of UMT is available (now version 0.98). This version includes some improved UML import functionalities, some GUI enhancement, some new example scripts, and a product line module (see the changelog).

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The CAFECOMBINEACEGIS, and FAMILIES projects has contributed in the development of UMT.

MODELWARE homepage The MODELWARE IP project will provide the next generation open source model driven development tools (Including QVT, Model Respositories, Model Simulation, Integrated Model Driven Dev. Env.)